Quality and safeguarding


There is never a time when we do not think about safeguarding.

Diagrama Fostering has a safeguarding theme which runs through everything we do. Foster carers will come to understand and work in this way as second nature. All our foster children have up to date risk assessments which are shared with foster carers, local authority social workers and the children where possible. Diagrama Fostering runs safeguarding training annually to ensure that we remain up to date about safe practices and new developments in the field.


The quality of Diagrama’s Fostering Service is monitored (and inspected) by a number of qualified professionals:

  • Foster carers receive at least one unannounced visit a year to their home by the supervising social worker, and a minimum monthly supervisory visit.
  • The Registered Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Fostering Service and monitors matters identified in the Fostering Services National Minimum Standards and Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011 (Regulation 35(1)) to ensure the standards are adhered to and the service is developing to meet the needs of a range of children.
  • The Fostering Service is inspected by Ofsted in accordance with regulation.
  • Complaints and allegations received by Diagrama’s fostering service are reviewed and considered individually at the time of receiving them. All complaints and allegations are taken seriously and reflection is made in regards to learning opportunities from this. Diagrama Fostering follows Working Together to Safeguard Children Guidance (2015) in managing complaints and allegations. In addition, complaints are reviewed on an annual basis; this also includes any allegations made about staff/carers.
  • The fostering service works within a performance management and quality assurance culture. Statistical information, file audits, schedule 6 and 7 responsibilities and reviews of all work are embedded within the service. This includes the views of case managers; children and young people looked after and foster carers and their birth children where applicable. Quarterly reports are completed in a timely fashion and sent to the Chief Executive and Trustees of Diagrama; but are also made available to Ofsted and local authorities.
  • Foster carers are also encouraged to be involved in the development of the service.

As an organisation, Diagrama uses a variety of arrangements to monitor and evaluate the quality of its services.

These are:

  • Reviewing and reporting mechanisms operating within the meetings of the Board of Trustees, the Finance Committee, HR Committee, Senior Management Team and Management.
  • Formally requesting feedback from users of services.
  • Regular supervision and appraisal of staff and panel members.
  • Case-file audits by senior staff.
  • Regular monthly, quarterly and annual management/progress reviews/reports.
Safeguarding arrangements are sound. The agency ... tenaciously ensure the protection of children’s welfare.