Parent and Child Fostering

Parent and Child Fostering

Parent and Child Fostering provides a helping hand to vulnerable parents to develop and learn the key skills needed to raise their child


What is Parent and Child Fostering?

A Parent and Child Foster placement is provided to a mother and/or father and their child(ren) who are unable to look after their child(ren) by themselves. In some cases where there are serious concerns regarding either the parenting of the child or the parent's ability to safeguard the child, foster carers can provide them with the practical skills and support needed to help them develop their childcare skills.

The age of the parents and child(ren) can vary and often need placements for various reasons such as domestic abuse, trauma or substance misuse. Many families will be in the court forum and therefore the Parent and Child Foster Carer will be contributing to the assessment of the family through written daily notes.

In recent months there has been an increase in demand for Parent and Child Foster Carers. To meet this increased demand we are encouraging professionals who have experience working with children to consider Parent and Child Fostering.

The role of Parent and Child Fostering

Parent and Child placements are varied and are often not a straight teaching or assessment placement but a mixture of both. We recognise the complexity and diversity of this type of placement and know the importance of recruiting skilled and experienced professionals. Professionals with specific skills are particularly well-suited to Parent and Child Fostering, including previous foster carers, social workers, teachers, midwives, police officers and health officers.

Parent and Child foster placements can be extremely rewarding but very demanding and challenging.

You will need to -

  • Provide a safe, fully supervised, non-judgemental home environment
  • Help them to understand their baby or child’s development, so they can confidently respond to their changing needs.
  • Keep records and observations of their parenting skills, in case it is needed by the local authority to aid towards parent assessment.

Foster carers will also help the parent(s) with basic parenting skills if required -

  • Looking after their baby, including, feeding, bathing and showing emotional care
  • Household skills from cooking and cleaning
  • Attending meetings and appointments
  • How to handle their finances

Who can become a Parent and Child Foster Carer?

To become a Parent and Child Foster Carer you will need to complete the Skills to Foster training course as well as parent and child-specific training. Additionally, a seperate report is added to the assessment process to identify the skills and experience you have to offer from previous experiences such as your job or as a parent yourself.

At Diagrama we are here to support you, you will benefit from expert support throughout every stage of your fostering care.

Fostering is life-changing

It’s only natural to have a lot of questions and when you don’t have all the answers it can put you off from taking that important first step. It can be nerve-wracking. We get it. That’s why we make it easy to find out whether Parent and Child Fostering is the right role for you.

We are looking for individuals who -

  • Have self-awareness
  • Are flexible and resilient
  • Are non-judgemental
  • Are able to work in a multidisciplinary team
  • Sensitive to the needs of the parent and child being supported
  • Have a good support network
  • Have experience working with children of all ages
  • Have knowledge in child development
  • Have the space to accommodate a Parent and Child with all the paraphernalia that they will bring.
  • Have a willingness to keep up to date with current child care
  • Have excellent written skills as daily notes can be used in court

Why Foster Carers choose to work with Diagrama

  • WE’RE PART OF A CHARITY – Diagrama Fostering is part of Diagrama Foundation, a charity supporting vulnerable children, adults and families. We don’t make a profit from foster care - we make sure all our surplus funds go straight back into providing the best service possible.
  • WE’RE HERE FOR YOU – We strive to provide outstanding expert support for our amazing foster carers. This includes specialist education advice.
  • WE VALUE YOU – Our foster carers play a crucial role at the heart of our expert team. To recognise our appreciation for their dedicated work we offer a generous benefits package free training, 24/7 support, additional payments and holiday cover.
  • WE BELIEVE IN YOU – We invest heavily in the continual personal development of our foster carers by providing ou rregular expert training and appraisal programme to help you develop new skills.

Margaret's Story

Watch Diagrama’s Adoption and Fostering Team Manager Margaret Gardiner as she shares her story about her experience as a Parent and Child Foster Carer.

Margaret has worked with various fostering agencies for 19 years and has been fostering for 18 years. Margaret talks in depth about what Parent and Child fostering is and what it involves, what is rewarding about this type of fostering and also the advice she would give to anyone thinking about becoming a Parent and Child Foster Carer.

To find out more about Parent and Child Fostering, please contact Diagrama Fostering today:

0800 802 1910 |

Making a difference is simple -just take the next step

This is your chance to become an inspiring role model that children in care desperately need. Taking the next step is simple:

1. ATTEND THE EVENT – We’ll meet virtually on (DATE/time). Simply click this link to join the meeting and use this passcode when prompted (PASSCODE).

2. FIND OUT ABOUT FOSTERING - Meet our friendly foster carers and team online, listen to the presentation and ask any questions you may have. Meetings usually last between 1 to 2 hours.

3. KNOW WHETHER FOSTERING’S RIGHT FOR YOU - Feel confident you have honest, reliable and comprehensive information to understand whether fostering is the right pathway for you, from the people that know. Making a difference is simple - just take the next step attend.