I have children - How will fostering affect them?

I Have Children - How Will Fostering Affect Them?

Fostering is likely to have an impact on everyone around you, especially your family and friends.

Your decision to foster should involve your whole family as it will affect them too. Your children will play an important role in welcoming your foster child into the home and helping them to feel settled and valued within the family.

Finding time for your children

It can be tricky for children to get used to sharing their parents - especially when foster children may have led very different lives. However, many birth children find fostering an enriching experience which gives them a chance to feel purposeful and offer support in their own way.

It is important to make time for your own children and ensure they still feel special to you. An age gap helps too – we advise two years either way between your children and those you foster.

If your children are still at home their needs will be considered when we’re matching you with looked after children and young people. We organise regular events and activities throughout the year for the whole family to enjoy together.